High Street improvements

Everything you need to know

What works are being carried out?

The works will include the widening of the pedestrian paved area with new, high-quality paving to complement the new paved area coming from the extension of intu Watford, a narrowing of the road, and some new lighting, landscaping and planting.

Watford Borough Council, Watford BID and intu have spent a long time working together looking at suitable designs and materials to make sure we get the best possible option for the town.

Why are the works being carried out now when there is so much happening in the town?

We are keen that we complete as many of the major works as possible together so that when the intu extension opens the High Street will be upgraded, allowing people better access to fully enjoy the town and its offer.

There is a lot of work going on in the town – which also means a lot of businesses are investing in the town. The works are programmed to coincide with the intu development so that by the end of the year everything will be finished.

What will happen to all the traffic during the works?

The High Street is currently a mainly pedestrian zone, with access for buses, and limited access for taxis, disabled drivers and deliveries (for a limited time during the day).

During the works, both stretches of the High Street will be closed to vehicles.

Can I still walk around the High Street?

Yes, pedestrian access to the High Street is unaffected, you may notice people working but you will be able to walk up and down the High Street as you can now.

Will the traffic return to the High Street when the works are completed?

Not all of it. The aim of the works is to create a safe, high quality environment which complements the new intu development. The priority will be to pedestrians and to ensure buses can pick up passengers easily, with limited waiting and stopping in the High Street.

Deliveries to local shops and restaurants will be allowed until 10am.

Where will the taxis go?

A new full-time facility has been developed in Wellstones for the taxis (to be reviewed), increasing the number of taxis who can rank from 4/5 to 9 and a part-time rank to a full-time rank. The council has invested significant funding in improving lighting and paving, installing CCTV, and creating the new bays. This is a great new facility and we would encourage local people to use the rank.

Where will the disabled parking go?

Six new disabled parking bays have been created on Church Road, and three further disabled bays will be installed in Wellstones. This increases the number in the town centre overall.

What about the buses?

A number of buses are going to be re-routed – you will see signs and notices letting you know which buses have been located where.

After the works will I be able to drive through the High Street from Clarendon Road?

No, there will be no access for cars into the Palace end of Clarendon Road through to the High Street. A rising bollard will be in place on Clarendon Road and another on Market Street.

Who is doing the works and where do I go if I want to speak to someone?

The work is being carried out on behalf of Watford Borough Council and Herts County Council by Murrill Construction Ltd. Murrill have significant experience in major infrastructure projects and town centre improvements in Hertfordshire.  

The out of hours contact phone number for safety related issues is: 07553 353381.

The email address is: david.boulos@murrill.co.uk

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