Corporate Peer Challenge 2017

The LGA report: Key findings

The key findings of our team from the Local Government Association (LGA) were that:

  • We are a “high-performing, bold and progressive council”.
  • We take a “positive approach to working with partners to make sure that the best options and services available are delivered to residents”.
  • Our positive approach was reflected in our last resident engagement survey, where more than 90 per cent of residents were satisfied with services in their community.
  • Our many partners include the Watford Business Improvement District (BID), intu Watford, Herts Police, Watford Community Housing, and park and street cleaning experts Veolia. They told assessors that the council is a “finely tuned and lean machine that is delivering an ambitious plan for growth and regeneration”.
  • Watford was recognised one of the smallest council areas in the country. However, assessors said: “The council is seen as punching above its weight in terms of the partnerships and investment projects for the size of the place.”
  • Staff feel “valued and appreciated”, “engaged and positive” about their work, and “enthusiastic and committed to Watford as a place”.

For more information, please download and read the LGA's feedback report in full.

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