St Albans Road waste and flytipping project

What should I do with my bins?

  • Put your bin out by 6am on collection day and ensure the lid is closed
  • Return it to within your boundary within 24 hours of collection
  • Do not put out any extra waste by the side of your bin or on top of it
  • Use the correct bin for recycling, non recyclable waste and garden/food recycling
  • Extra recycling can be left in a clear or clearly marked sack next to your recycling bin
  • Remember to recycle your food within the green bin
  • If your bin is missed, report online within 24 hours of your scheduled collection
  • Ensure you have the correct number of bins. For individual houses or flats without communal bin stores - one black (240 litre), one recycling (240 litre), one green (240 litre). If you are missing a bin or have a different size please contact Veolia to arrange collection or delivery of missing bins
  • If you live in a flat with a communal bin store/area, please speak to your managing agent about any issues and ask them to get in touch with Veolia on 020 3567 6900


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