St Albans Road waste and flytipping project

What to do with excess waste (non-recyclable waste)

Are you producing extra rubbish that won't fit into your black bin?

Check you have the right number of bins

Every house in Watford should have a black bin for general waste, a blue-lidded bin for recycling and a green-lidded bin for food and garden waste - if you are missing any please contact Veolia to arrange collection or to pay for delivery of a new bin.

Ways to create space in your black bin:


  • Make sure you are recycling using your blue-lidded and green-lidded bins.
  • If you are producing extra recycling on a regular basis you can apply to Veolia for an additional blue-lidded bin.
  • Additional green-lidded bins can be ordered online (up to six) - charges apply.

Clinical waste

Excess waste sacks and nappy sacks

  • Purchase Watford Borough Council branded excess waste or nappy sacks over the phone from Veolia or from the Wiggenhall Depot or the Town Hall.

Large household items

Business waste

  • If you are running a business from home the waste produced is classed as business waste/commercial waste and cannot go in your black bin.

Larger families

  • If you have a family of five or more, have followed all guidance on recycling and still feel you have extra waste please contact Veolia to discuss your options.
Only rubbish contained within your black bin, with the lid closed and with no extra bags on or around your bin will be collected. Extra bags will not be collected. If your bin lid will not close or bags are on top of your bin, the contents will not be emptied.  Please do not use the street litter bin, leave sacks or rubbish around bins or dump in the street.  This is flytipping and is illegal. You could be fined up to £300. Please remember - your waste is your responsibility.
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