St Albans Road waste and flytipping project

What is flytipping and why is it a problem?

Flytipping is the illegal dumping of waste and is a serious criminal offence.

Waste could be rubbish, furniture, building materials, sacks, carrier bags, clothes - or anything which is to be disposed of. Waste must not be left anywhere across the town - this includes next to public litter bins.

In this area we particularly have an issue with dumping on street corners and next to litter bins - this is flytipping and is an offence.

Flytipping and dumping of unwanted waste causes pollution, is a health risk, spoils our quality of life and costs many thousands of pounds each year to clear in Watford.

It is making the St Albans Road area look untidy and we want to work with the local residents and businesses to help improve the area's appearance.

Don't put unwanted items outside your house to be taken by a passer-by or a scrap metal collector as this is illegal.

If you find a flytip, please report it.

If you witness a flytip in action please call 999, as this is a criminal offence.

Find out more information about flytipping.

Together let's SCRAP flytipping

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