Real nappy scheme

What are real nappies?

       real nappies

What are real nappies?

Otherwise known as cloth nappies these are nappies that can be washed and reused. They are easy to use and very similar to disposables, plus they come in exciting patterns, fabrics and colours!

Why choose real nappies?

Kinder to baby - there are no chemicals or oils involved, just the natural absorbency of the material.

Money saving - by using real nappies you can save up to £500 per child.

Good for the environment - a baby will go through approximately 5,000 nappy changes before they are potty trained. If using disposables that's 5,000 nappies sent to landfill.

Thinking of giving real nappies a try?
To help get you started with real nappies, we offer Watford residents 15% off with our trusted partners. Simply visit the Herts Reusable Nappies pages and complete the application form to apply for access to these discounts.



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