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Apply for your 15% discount online

We’ve teamed up with a host of nappy manufacturers and suppliers to bring you some of the best reusable nappies around. Each one of our trusted partners are offering Hertfordshire residents a fantastic 15% off to help reduce your waste and save you money. But more importantly, we are offering a large range of nappies and loads of support so you can find the nappies that work best for you and your baby.

If you live in Hertfordshire and look after children in nappies it’s easy to apply for 15% off products from selected suppliers. Simply visit the Herts Reusable Nappies pages and complete the application form to apply for access to these discounts.

Don’t live in Herts? Sorry but this scheme is exclusive to Hertfordshire residents. Check to see if your council offers a nappy incentive. However, we invite you to use the information available on our website and you can still browse the fantastic products and any special offers from the suppliers we are partnering with.

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