Which bin should I use?

Why hasn't my bin been emptied?

Recycling is changing

If your bins haven't been emptied this could be due to a number of reasons. A card hanger should be on your bin handle explaining the reason.

Most common reasons (but not limited to):

Bin contains the wrong items known as contamination Check you are using the correct bin and not using the bins for items which can't be collected by the council Remove contamination and we will collect on the next scheduled collection day
Black bin lid not shut If the waste is above the top of the bin causing the lid to not shut this is considered excess waste and your bin will not be emptied Remove the excess waste and we will collect on the next scheduled collection day
Bin too heavy Bins can become too heavy for our collection vehicle to lift safely.  This is due to the equipment we use not being able to lift bins which are too heavy causing health and safety issues for our staff.   When garden waste gets wet, is overly compacted or contains heavier items such as lots of food,  it can get too heavy.  Putting the wrong items in your bin can also make them too heavy Remove the items making your bin too heavy and we will collect on the next scheduled collection day
Bin not out Bins need to be put out on the boundary of your property by 6:00am on your collection day We will empty your bin on the next scheduled collection day if put out correctly
Not official container We are only able to empty wheelie bins issued by Watford Borough Council Call Veolia to order an official container 0203 567 6900
Excess waste Sacks left around your black or green lidded bin are classed as excess waste and will not be collected We do not collect excess waste
Access issues Roads or entrances can be blocked by vehicles or obstructions, gates being locked, road works and dogs meaning we can't get to your bin We will do our best to return to empty your bin, if this is not possible we will return on your next scheduled collection day
Poor weather conditions When the weather is very cold, particularly with snow or ice we occasionally can't get to your property to empty your bin We will do our best to return to empty your bins but it could result in your bins not being emptied until your next scheduled collection day.  Please follow our Facebook and twitter feed for up to date information
Frozen bin contents Green waste contains a lot of moisture, this can become frozen in cold weather and mean the contents get stuck in the bin We will return to attempt to empty your bin if possible. If it is a widespread problem or the freezing conditions remain we will not be able to return until your next scheduled collection day
Bin missed We may have accidentally missed your bin Please report your missed bin online within 24 hours of your scheduled collection

Please take responsibility for your own waste and dispose of correctly

There are a number of items which can't be disposed of through the household waste bins, please ensure you are disposing of these in the correct way.

Report a missed bin online


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