Which bin should I use?

What items go in the blue-lidded bin?

Blue lidded bins are for general dry recycling

Please recycle the following: 

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Directories
  • Plain paper
  • Wrapping paper (plain only, no glitter or foil)
  • Greetings cards (plain only, no glitter or badges)
  • Clean aluminium foil
  • Plastic bottles (including items from the bathroom such as shampoo and shower gel bottles)
  • Cardboard
  • Food tins
  • Drinks cans
  • Aerosols
  • Food and drink cartons (Tetra pak)
  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays
  • Glass bottles and jars

Ensure that you empty out any liquid and rinse food or drink residue. This makes it easier for the staff at the recycling centre who sort through the recycling.

Unfortunately we can't collect a bin if it has the wrong items in it. We can't recycle carrier/plastic bags or any plastic that can be scrunched in your hand such as salad bags, so please keep them out of your blue-lidded bin. 5 ways to reduce single use plastic.



*Please do not overload your bins as they can become too heavy for our collection vehicle to lift safely. Any bins which are too heavy will not be emptied.
*We do not accept soil or builders waste in any of our bins, (green-lidded, black or blue-lidded). Including this will result in your bin not being collected. 
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