How to compost

What to put in a home compost bin

You can compost almost anything that is organic, ie anything that has been grown. This includes:

  • fruit and vegetable scraps
  • tea bags, coffee grounds
  • crushed egg shells
  • grass cuttings, prunings and leaves
  • small amounts of shredded paper and soft cardboard
  • animal hair
  • vacuum dust (only if you have woollen carpets)

For best results, ensure your compost bin contains some grass cuttings or vegetarian animal manure. They heat up and speed up the composting process. However, they should be mixed with other organic waste to avoid slime formation.

What not to put in a home compost bin

  • cat or dog excrement
  • meat
  • cheeses
  • fish
  • disposable nappies
  • shiny card
  • hard objects

Top tips

  • Keep your compost bin in a warm sunny position, sheltered from the wind
  • Always keep the lid on to stop the material drying out
  • Turn the material regularly to let the air get to it and speed up the decomposition process


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