Parking permits

Visitor vouchers

You can now apply for visitor vouchers online.

Visitor vouchers are one-use scratch cards which can be purchased by residents of each zone for use of their visitor's vehicles. Sold in a number of denominations, users are required to scratch out the day, date, month, hours, minutes and am/pm sections of the voucher and clearly display it in the windscreen of the vehicle. Vouchers can be displayed for consecutive hours if necessary but failure to correctly validate or display the vouchers will result in the service of a Penalty Charge Notice.

Please note that refunds and exchanges are not available for visitor vouchers.

Select an option from the list below to find out further information on the different rules and restrictions in each zone:-

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Zone K Zone L Zone M/N Zone S
Zone T Zone U Zone V Zone W

Not sure which zone you're in? Take a look at the zone-by-zone road list by clicking here.

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