Parking permits

Business permits

Do I qualify?

Qualifying businesses must demonstrate that they: 

- have no space to park vehicles within the grounds of their premises 
- are an operational vehicle(s) registered to the business
- are registered for business rates
- are located within the Controlled Parking Zone (businesses located in 'Zone H' in the town centre are not eligible for business permits)
- have a vehicle which is no longer than 6 metres in length or 2.3 metres in height

Operational vehicles are vehicles that are realistically useable for the intended stated purpose an intermittent daily basis. Vehicles that are used simply for getting to work do not qualify as operational vehicles.

How many can I buy and how much do they cost?

Only one permit per business is permitted but you can have up to two vehicle registration numbers printed on it provided that they are both operational vehicles. However, the permit can only be used on one vehicle at a time. These business permits cost £300 in zones A, B, C, D, E, F, G and J, or £150 in zones K, L, M/N, S, T, V, U or W.

What proof do I need?

• business rate demand or payment receipt
• accompanying documentary evidence confirming the need for a vehicle for the business
• registration document for vehicle in the name of the business

How do I apply?

Business permit application forms can be downloaded here. Once completed, these forms should be sent, along with all the above documentary evidence to the Parking Service. Unfortunately it is not possible to assess your application whilst you wait but you should receive confirmation of your application within 7 to 10 days.

What if I change my vehicle?

As before, you will require documentation for the vehicle and you will also have to return your original permit before a replacement can be issued. The first replacement is free. However, a charge of £7 will be made for the second replacement and any subsequent change in any one year.

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