Parking permits

Visitor vouchers

The way Watford Borough Council’s visitor parking voucher system operates has changed. From today (9 September) we are no longer issuing paper scratch card visitor vouchers to residents in controlled parking zones (CPZ).  

Instead, residents can order vouchers online, via a mobile phone app or using a landline or mobile  by calling 020 3046 0005 once they have registered to use the new system.

The virtual voucher will be linked to the car’s registration and civil enforcement officers will be able to check vehicles using handheld electronic devices.

The voucher allocation per household remains the same as before but all voucher types, including 1-day and 1-week permits, have been converted into hours and are included in the annual allocation.

PLEASE NOTE: Residents can continue to use the paper vouchers they have previously purchased until they run out.

Select an option from the list below to find out further information on the different rules and restrictions in each parking zone:-

Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D
Zone E Zone F Zone G Zone J
Zone K Zone L Zone M/N Zone S
Zone T Zone U Zone V Zone W

Not sure which zone you're in? Take a look at the zone-by-zone road list by clicking here.

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