Parking permits

Virtual permits

The way that Watford Borough Council’s parking permit system operates changed as of Monday 9 April 2018 as we moved away from paper permits towards virtual permits.

We are no longer issuing paper resident permits. Instead, in the same way as for vehicle tax, a record of a permit will be held on the council’s system once the application has been processed and payment received. The electronic/virtual permit will be linked to the car’s registration and civil enforcement officers will be able to check valid permits using handheld electronic devices.

This will make the application and renewal process faster and more efficient, because residents will be able to apply for a permit 24/7. Residents will no longer need to wait for a paper permit to arrive in the post.

Existing permit holders should continue to use their paper permit until it needs to be renewed. To renew the permit residents will then just apply online by opening a account and once the relevant documents and application has been completed a virtual permit will be issued which will replace the paper permit. See our guide to applying for a resident virtual permit.

Virtual Visitor Vouchers

The Council also plans to introduce virtual visitor vouchers later this year. No details of the scheme or process are available at this time. However, detailed Information will be published nearer the time virtual visitor vouchers are scheduled to be introduced.

Until further notice holders of visitor voucher scratch cards do not need to take any action. You can continue to use your scratch cards and purchase new scratch cards as required.




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