Blue Badges

The Blue Badge scheme helps you park your car closer to your destination if you’re disabled. A map of disabled bays in Watford can be found here.

The easiest way for Hertfordshire residents to find out if they qualify and apply for a Blue Badge is online at: People who already have a Blue Badge are also able to easily renew online. People without internet access can find help to get online at their local library. Library staff will also be happy to copy and certify your documentation required by the Blue Badge application process.

Blue Badge rules in Watford

Blue badge holders must ensure that a valid Blue Badge is fully and correctly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle, with the expiry date, serial number and issuing borough clearly visible. The clock must be set at the time of arrival.

Providing the badge is clearly on display, as above, Blue Badge holders are permitted to park in the following locations:

  • On single and double yellow lines for up to three hours
  • In on-street pay and display bays, without payment, for as long as necessary
  • In marked disabled bays off-street (car park) pay and display bays with payment
  • In limited wait bays without time limit
  • In the High Street, providing vehicles are parked fully within marked disabled bays and within the time limits on the accompanying signs

Blue Badge holders are not permitted to park:

  • In locations where a loading ban is active (indicated by yellow chevrons on the kerbside) or in a loading bay
  • Across dropped kerbs
  • Across pedestrian crossing points (marked by textured paving)
  • Across residential driveways
  • In resident permit bays (even if white advisory disabled bay markings are present – these are for specific residents only)
  • In a suspended bay
  • In bus stops
  • In coach bays
  • In taxi ranks

A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued if vehicles are parked in one of the above locations, or if the badge is not displayed in the prescribed manner.

Please note:

  • The badge may only be used if the named badge holder being transported in the vehicle.
  • The badge cannot be used by a person doing an errand on behalf of a badge holder.
  • You should check all signs before leaving your vehicle. Do not assume that the restrictions are the same as when you last parked.
  • The badge should never be left in your vehicle when they are not in use as this makes your vehicle susceptible to theft and possible vandalism. Your badge is a valuable commodity and should be looked after carefully.
  • It is the holder’s responsibility to renew the badge when necessary. Your badge will not be able to provide you with a concession to the usual parking restrictions if it has expired.
  • Finally, never assume that you can park anywhere, and always be aware of safety for other road users. Please read carefully the instructions that were issued to you when you were given your badge. Your badge does not give you the right to cause danger to other road users.

The maximum penalty for misuse of a badge is £1,000. For more information on enforcement of the scheme, please select the tab on the right hand side of this page.

For any more information or advice, please call the Parking Service on tel: 01923 278890.

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