Where can I park in Watford?

Where Blue Badge holders can park

This page relates to Blue Badge parking in Watford town centre. You can also read the general rules on Blue Badge parking in the town.

Watford High Street is a Pedestrian Zone. However, Blue Badge holders are permitted to pass the zone entry signs to park within marked bays.

On entering the High Street from Clarendon Road, disabled badge holders can park in the bay on the right, outside Rift Bar. Please ensure that you do not encroach on the cycle lane. Disabled badge holders can use this space:

  • Monday to Friday, from 11:00am to 5:00pm
  • all day Saturday
  • all day Sunday

On entering the High Street by Intu Watford shopping centre, you will see a small disabled bay on the left (opposite 'Bill's Restaurant' and just beyond the bus stop). These are available for parking at all times as long as a valid Blue Badge is displayed. Further up on the left there is a set of bays that Blue Badge holders can use at certain times:

  • between 11:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • all day Saturday
  • all day Sunday

There are also disabled badge holder bays alongside Sainsbury's in Gaumont Approach, which are restricted at all times.

Please note that access to The Parade for all vehicles, including Blue Badge holders, is not allowed. In order to access the disabled bays in Bentine Lane (formerly Gade Service Road), Blue Badge holders should use the Rosslyn Road entrance next to the Gade Car Park. These bays are restricted at all times.

The Blue Badge also allows parking on yellow lines for a period of up to three hours if loading restrictions are not in force at the time. The clock must be set to the time of arrival and displayed alongside the badge, which must have the side showing the expiry date displayed. The badge also allows parking within pay and display bays for unlimited time.

Special large disabled bays are also available in council car parks and the Intu Watford Shopping Centre but disabled badge holders will have to pay the relevant charge.

The Blue Badge does not allow parking within permit bays, loading bays or when a loading restriction is in operation on yellow lines.

To apply for a Blue Badge you must contact Herts County Council - there is lots of information on their website.

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