Parking fines and enforcement

Frequently asked questions

Why do the council have a parking enforcement service?

Parking enforcement is intended to encourage motorists to comply with the restrictions in place to keep main thoroughfares through the town free from obstruction, to ensure the turnover of visitors to local businesses and to protect parking for residents living in the Controlled Parking Zones

If I ignore a penalty, won't it just go away?

No. Once a Penalty Charge Notice is issued it is subject to the statutory process outlined by the Traffic Management Act 2004. If you do not respond to the notices, the case will eventually be registered as a debt at the County Court and an Enforcement Agent (formerly bailiff) instructed to collect the debt on behalf of the council. This can increase the costs quite significantly so all motorists are advised to deal with any penalties as soon as possible after receiving it.

Why are there different penalties depending on where I have parked my vehicle illegally?

National legislation introduced two tiers of Penalty Charges in 2008. The penalty charged depends on the perceived severity of the contravention. For example, parking on a double yellow line would result in a Penalty Charge Notice of £70 whilst over staying the expiry time on a pay and display ticket would result in a Penalty Charge Notice of £50.

I am a local resident and received a Penalty Charge Notice for parking outside my house. Why shouldn't I be able to park outside my own house if I want to?

Parking restrictions are binding on all motorists and it would not fair if we issued penalties to some vehicles and not to others. If there is a restriction outside your house, this would have been introduced following a formal consultation process which would have included all local residents. Once a restriction is in place, it should be observed by all.

I would like to report an illegally parked vehicle. Who should I call?

Between Monday and Thursday, 8.45am to 5.15pm, Fridays 8.45am to 4.45pm you can report any issue to the Parking Service on 01923 278890. If you see a vehicle parked whilst causing an obstruction outside of these hours, you should contact the Police on their non-emergency number of 101.

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