Parking fines and enforcement

Vehicular Entranceway Markings

If you are experiencing problems with vehicles being parked over your driveway, the Parking Service can arrange for a white line to be instated directly outside your residential dropped kerb.

Such white lines are of an advisory nature only. This means that the Parking Service cannot issue a penalty solely because a vehicle is parked on a white line. However, the Parking Service can conduct dropped kerb enforcement.

Application criteria

- There must be a clear vehicular access point to the property which is supported by a dropped kerb

- The access point must be on the public highway

- The driveway must not be shared. In circumstances where shared access is identified, we will consult with your neighbour but we cannot progress your application any further if they do not agree. You may be required to provide documented land registry evidence of any claim to sole right of way over land appearing to be of shared use. Failure to disclose any relevant information may result in the removal of the white line without any further notice and a refund will not be made

- You should be aware that from payment to completion, it can take up to three months for the white line to be instated. This is due to our contractor's programming commitments and weather conditions, and is beyond the council's control.


- The cost of a new advisory white line is £150

- A repaint of an existing but faded advisory white line costs £50

At present the council are unable to accept credit card payments for this service.

How to apply

Any requests for an advisory white line must be put in writing to the Parking Service at:-

The Parking Service
Watford Borough Council
Town Hall
WD17 3EX

Or, by email, to

You should include your full name, address and postcode. Once your request has been received you will receive full details through the post and a site check will be conducted to ensure that your property meets the required criteria.

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