Parking fines and enforcement

Blocked driveway: Get a white line

If you are having problems with vehicles parking across your driveway or garage, you can apply to have a white line painted outside on your dropped kerb.

The white line is an advisory line, alerting motorists to the presence of a driveway. It is only there as a deterrent.

However, we can issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) to a vehicle blocking your driveway or garage, with or without a white line, if you contact us through the dropped kerb enforcement service.

Do I qualify for a white line?

If you want to apply for a white line, you must make sure:

  • Your property is in the Borough of Watford (not Three Rivers or Hertsmere)
  • Your property has a clear vehicle access point with a dropped kerb
  • The access point is on the public highway

What if I have a shared driveway?

If you have a shared driveway, then we will need your neighbour to agree to a white line before we can issue you with one.

You should speak to your neighbour before applying, as we will contact them as part of the application process to confirm they have no objection to the white line.

If you have a dispute with your neighbour about the ownership of the driveway, you should check the land registry website for confirmation of either shared ownership of sole right of way, before applying.

How much does a white line cost?

You can apply to get a new white line or a repaint of an existing white line, if it has faded. You will need to confirm this in your application.

You must pay a non-refundable deposit for both services, so please make sure you've confirmed driveway ownership and spoken to your neighbour before applying. This will speed up the process and avoid any situations where you could lose your deposit.

The costs are:

  • New requests: £50 non-refundable deposit
    £100 remaining payment (if criteria met)
  • Repaint: £50 non-refundable deposit

When will I get my white line?

Once we've accepted your application and you've paid the full amount, it can take up to three months for us to issue you with a white line.

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