Parking fines and enforcement

Parking enforcement

Watford Borough Council carries out parking enforcement in line with the Traffic Management Act 2004. Have a look at the list below to see what we can and cannot enforce. For more information on any of the below, please select an option from the list on the right hand side of the page.

We can enforce:- We cannot enforce:-
Single yellow lines during the hours shown on the nearby sign plate. In controlled parking zones, we can enforce single yellow lines during the operational hours of the zone. Vehicles parking on the footway, unless a yellow line waiting restriction is situated on the road next to the vehicle.
Double yellow lines at all times. Vehicles causing an obstruction. Unless the vehicle is also parked on another kind of restriction, like a yellow line, issues of obstruction must be referred to the Police.
Permit bays during the operational hours of the controlled parking zone. Vehicles parked in the town centre multi-storey car parks. These are managed by our Intu and CitiPark.
Pay and display bays during the operational hours shown on the nearby signs. Vehicles parked on white lines - these are of an advisory nature only.
Loading bays if no loading is seen within a five minute period. Vehicles parked on grass verges, unless a yellow line is present on the road next to the vehicle
Disabled bays if no valid disabled badge is clearly displayed. On private land. However, landlords may employ private parking contractors to issue Fixed Penalty Notices.
Taxi ranks/bus stops if the vehicle parked is not a taxi/bus. Vehicles on private driveways. The Police must be contacted in such circumstances.
School keep clear zig-zags during term times at the times shown on the nearby signage. Vehicles parked in permit bays, pay and display bays or single yellow lines outside of the restricted hours.
Dropped kerbs. If a vehicle has blocked your driveway, call the Parking Service on 01923 278890 between 8.45am and 5.15pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.45am and 4.45pm on Fridays for assistance. Caravans, cherry pickers or other non-motorised vehicles without number plates


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