Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ)

Zone U

What are the operational hours of the zone?

Zone U is operational between 10am and Noon, Monday to Friday. This includes bank holidays.


How many resident permits are available per household?

Permanent residents of Zone U can purchase one resident permit per person, up to a maximum of two per Council Tax paying household. However, please note that properties which have been converted may have restrictions on their permit entitlement and new developments will be exempt from the scheme completely.


How much do resident permits cost?

The first permit in each household costs £25. The second permit in each household costs £55.

Permits for motorcycles are charged at £25 whether they are the first or second permit in the household.

Disabled badge holding drivers can obtain their permits free of charge upon presentation of a valid disabled badge.


How many visitor vouchers are available per household each year?

Each Council Tax paying household in Zone U can purchase 120 hours of 1-hour visitor vouchers per annum. Due to the part-time nature of this zone, 4-hour and 1-day vouchers are not available to residents of Zone U.

Pensioners are permitted to purchase double the above allocation at half the usual price if proof of age is provided with the application.


How much do visitor vouchers cost?

1-hour vouchers are sold in books of 40 at £4.50 per book.

Pensioners are permitted to purchase double the above allocation at half the usual price if proof of age is provided with the application.


What proof do I need?

You will need to provide proof of residency each time you apply or renew your resident permit or visitor vouchers. However, if your name appears on the electoral register at the relevant address, you will not need to upload any proof of residency documentation. You will just need to tick on the online application that you appear on the electors list. If you do not appear on the electoral register, or if you have asked that this information is not made available for public inspection, you will need to upload one of the following which clearly states your name and the relevant address:

  • A tenancy agreement (minimum 6 months duration)
  • A solicitor's letter confirming recent completion of a house purchase (dated within the last three months)
  • A council tax document (dated within the last three months)
  • A utility bill (dated within the last three months)

When applying for a resident permit for the first time or renewing the permit for a different vehicle, you will also need to prove vehicle ownership. One of the following will also be required and must contain your name and current address:-

  • A vehicle registration document
  • Insurance documents, including the schedule, showing the applicant as the driver and including the registration number of the vehicle
  • A company letter lease or hire agreement on headed paper and dated within three months
  • In the case of a newly acquired vehicle, an official bill of sale or invoice (hand written receipts will not be accepted)


Does my vehicle qualify for a resident permit?

All vehicles must measure less than 5.25m in length and 2.3m in height (the size of a standard transit van)


What if I change my vehicle?

As before, you will need documentation confirming ownership or regular use of your new vehicle. If you still hold a paper permit you will need to complete an application form and complete the replacement permit section. If you hold a virtual permit you will need to upload further vehicle documents and change the vehicle details through your account. The first replacement permit is free. However, a charge of £7 will be made for the second and any subsequent change in any one year.

What should I do if I have a courtesy vehicle?

If your vehicle is in for repair and you are given the use of a courtesy car, if you contact the Parking Service arrangements will be made for the courtesy vehicle. Please note you will be required to provide the vehicle registration details of your courtesy vehicle.

What if I no longer require my permit because I have moved house or sold my vehicle?

If you no longer need your permit and there are 3 full months or longer remaining, you can request a pro-rata refund which will include a £10 deduction for stationary, printing and administrative costs. If you hold a paper permit the permit must be returned with a refund form. If you hold a virtual permit you will need to request a refund through your account. The refund of paper permits will be made by BACS directly into the permit holder’s account. The refund of virtual permits will be made directly back to the account that the initial payment was made by.

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