Garage and parking bay compounds - Watford Borough Council

The council owns a number of garage and parking site compounds.

The waiting lists for most of these compounds are closed and we do not expect to re-open them in the foreseeable future.

Crown Passage waiting list for Commercial customers is open and we have one space at our Prince Street compound available to rent.

The rental for a Crown Passage commercial space is currently £200.09 per quarter; the rent for a Prince Street parking bay is currently £128.16 half yearly (inclusive of rates).  The rental cost is subject to review.

If you are already on the waiting lists, you will remain on them but please be aware that garages and parking bays rarely become available.

The letting of these garages is for residents that live within a half mile radius of the compound.

They are for parking a car/motorbike and are not to be used for storage.

The typical size of a garage is 15'x8'3" 4.57m x 2.5m.

Larger cars may need a greater turning point, so location of a garage within each compound may need to be checked.

If you would like more information please contact the Support Services Team on 01923 278226 or by email - D&

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