New parking schemes and consultations

Proposed new taxi rank and disabled bays in Wellstones

The Council is proposing to introduce a new taxi rank and disabled parking bays in Wellstones. Details of the proposals and information on how representations can be made are contained in the attachments. Objections and any other representations must be received by Friday 8 December 2017 and must be sent in writing stating the ground on which they are made quoting reference 830-831.

The address for representations in as follows:

Andy Smith
Transport & Infrastructure Section Head
Watford Borough Council
Town Hall
WD17 3EX

Alternatively they can be submitted by email to


830 DRAFT ORDER 11-17

831 DRAFT ORDER 11-17

830-831 NOP FINAL 11-17

830-831 SOR PROPOSED FINAL 11-17

830-831 taxi rank & disabled bays wide view 11-17

830-831 Order Plan-taxi rank 11-17

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