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Callowland Zone NA Permit Parking Area (PPA) Review

Why is Zone NA being reviewed?

Watford Borough Council implemented the Callowland (Zone NA) Permit Parking Area (PPA) in January 2021 following an 18 month consultation process with residents and businesses. The findings of this consultation clearly show that, although there was a majority in favour of the council’s proposals, some residents did not agree with the proposed operational hours of the Zone. The council committed to reviewing the operational hours of the Zone six months after it came into operation. 

How will the council review the operational hours of Zone NA?

The following review process has been agreed with The Mayor, Portfolio Holder and your local ward councillors:

1.    Parking surveys are being carried out in September 2021 after the school summer holidays in order to investigate the parking demand and occupancy levels in each street within Zone NA. The survey will run over three days, two of which will be week days and the other over the weekend.

2.    Results from the survey will be summarised in a parking technical note carried out by one of the council’s framework consultants. The results will then be discussed with the Mayor, Portfolio Holder and local ward councillors and a decision will be made as to whether an extension of the operational hours will be beneficial and, if so, what alternative hours will be offered to residents through a further consultation.

3.    In early October, residents will be consulted by letter and questionnaire about whether they support the existing operational hours of the Zone or if they would prefer to see an extension to the hours of the Zone (depending on the results of the parking survey).

4.    We will share the results of the consultation with residents by letter, which will also outline how the council intends to proceed.


Will the surrounding streets in Leggatts Ward as well as Diamond and Jubilee Roads be consulted?

The council is committed to reviewing the surrounding streets to the north west of Zone NA due to residents’ concerns about the impact of Zone NA on parking in other roads.  This is separate to the review into operational hours. We have undertaken parking surveys prior to and post Callowland Zone NA PPA being implemented in order to understand whether the new zone has affected parking availability in the following roads:

•    Ashby Road
•    Brighton Road
•    Diamond Road
•    Gammons Lane 
•    Jubilee Road
•    Sussex Road

Has Zone NA Permit Parking Area affected parking on the surrounding roads in Leggatts Ward and Diamond & Jubilee Roads?

Survey results suggest that although there is some evidence of parking migration, it is only low level and is not affecting parking availability in the area during daytime hours. 
The other major conclusion from the survey data is that all the roads surveyed have occupancy levels exceeding 100% capacity during evening and night time hours. It also found that in Diamond Road, Jubilee Road and Gammons Lane occupancy levels exceeded 100% during daytime hours.
Officers have therefore agreed with The Mayor, Portfolio Holder and your ward councillors to offer residents of these roads a further consultation about joining the Zone NA Permit Parking Area. This consultation will take place at the same time as the consultation on operational hours of Zone NA with residents already within the zone. 

If we opt into being part of Zone NA, what will the hours be?

Please understand that should a majority of residents within your area vote to join the PPA, then this would be according to the hours agreed during the separate review of the operational hours of Zone NA. 

How do you decide if a road is at full capacity in terms of parking?

Parking capacity is calculated based on the area of kerb side space where parking is available for any vehicle and where it is safe to do so. So to exceed this, vehicles must be parked in front of dropped kerbs, on access protection markings or at junctions. 



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