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Callowland CPZ FAQ - 2019 review

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Why is a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) being introduced?

For some time, parking for residents has been getting harder and harder in Callowland, which is partly a result of there being no parking restrictions and commuters using the residential roads to park whilst they are at work. 

In response, the council undertook consultation with both residents and businesses on introducing a CPZ.  Overall, 68% of residents were in favour of a scheme and a similar percentage agreed with the proposals for when restrictions would apply.

Watford has implemented 15 controlled parking zones across the town to date, which have had a significant impact on cutting commuter parking and protecting parking spaces for residents.

When does the CPZ for Callowland come into effect?

Traffic Orders for the new CPZ in Callowland come into effect from the 11 January 2021.

This means that, from this date, residents will need to have purchased a parking permit in order to park within the CPZ area.  There are full details on parking permits later in these FAQs.  Anyone who is visiting the CPZ will need to have a visitor parking permit.

For any parking operations issues, please contact Watford Borough Council’s Parking Service between 8.45am to 5.15pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8.45am to 4.45pm on Friday on 01923 278890 or via

When times does the CPZ operate in Callowland?

The CPZ restricts parking between 8am to 10am and 7pm to 10pm, Monday to Saturday. During these times motorists will need to hold a valid permit or visitor voucher when parked in the area.

These current times will prevent commuter parking in the morning, allow people to visit local businesses during trading hours – including for early evening dining– and protect overnight parking for residents.  With any CPZ, the times need to balance restricting parking to residents only with ensuring local businesses can still operate to protect local jobs and the prosperity of the area.

How will people know that Callowland is a CPZ area?

Whilst residents have been kept up to date and advised regarding how to get their parking permits for 11 January, there are other people who currently use the area to park.  Now that the zones have been agreed, work started on 14 December 2020 to put in new sign posts in readiness for the new CPZ parking restriction signs to be attached. From the 4 January 2021, all CPZ restriction sign plates and road marking works will be completed.

How will the new parking zone be monitored and enforced?

On a day to day basis, the council’s Parking Service will be monitoring the area for unlawful parking.  This will be done by Civil Enforcement Officers, who work with the council’s parking enforcement contractor NSL. 

Please refer to Question 8 for an update on enforcement during periods of Covid-19 national restrictions, including national lockdown.

Will the new parking zone be reviewed?

The initial aim was to undertake parking stress surveys in the adjoining roads in Leggatts Ward, plus Diamond Road and Jubilee Road, five months after the CPZ parking restrictions have come into place. This is now planned for June 2021, with analysis of results and response to residents estimated for September 2021. This is to allow sufficient time as the national lockdown eases for parking to return to more normal, pre-lockdown patterns. 

These surveys are to understand the impact the CPZ has had on parking in other roads in the area that are not in the CPZ. The results of these surveys will be shared with local councillors and then it will be decided, at that point, whether to consult residents on further parking control measures.

However, it is important the parking survey reflects as near normal parking conditions as possible and so will now be undertaken two months after enforcement starts outside of any national Covid Lockdown restrictions.

Following this, a wider parking review of the CPZ will be carried out. This will be carried out by parking consultants. This is now planned for September 2021 (six months after the ending of the national lockdown so that there has been time for the impact of the introduction of the CPZ to be understood, following the resumption of enforcement and people and businesses have returned to pre-lockdown patterns of activity).


  1. June 2021 -  Parking stress (capacity) surveys to be undertaken in the adjoining roads in Leggatts Ward plus Diamond Road and Jubilee Road.
  2. September 2021 - Parking Review to be undertaken within 6 months of enforcement beginning.
  3. Operation issues from 11 January 2021 - please contact the Parking Service

Is St Albans Road in the CPZ?

St Albans Road is in the CPZ but there are no changes to the current parking arrangements on the road.  This means that all day and evening parking is still available to people visiting the local businesses.

There is a lot going on with the CPZ, what should we expect to happen and when?

A number of key milestones have already been met but below is the timetable for the implementation of the CPZ.

  • Week commencing 7 December 2020 - Permit applications open to residents and businesses through the Parking Service This includes visitor permits.
  • Week commencing 7 December 2020 – Meeting with Civils Contractors to walk around marking out the signage requirements of the zone.
  • Week commencing 7 December 2020– Notice of making (NOM) to be placed in Watford Observer on Friday 11 December 2020 advising that from the 11 January 2021, the traffic order comes into effect.
  • Week commencing 14 December 2020 – Civil Engineering Contractor to put in all new signposts in readiness for the new restriction signs.
  • Week commencing 14 December 2020 – Traffic Orders to be sent to Watford Borough Council’s Legal service for sealing. Date that the Orders come into effect is Wednesday 6 January 2021.
  • Week commencing 4 January 2020 – Civils Contractor to put up all CPZ restriction sign plates and carry-out road marking works Please note that due to the regulations we are unable to place Zone Entry signs on the back of exiting signage. We have identified locations on street where repeater signs can be placed on to existing street furniture.
  • Week commencing 11 January 2021 – Restrictions ‘Go Live’ and parking enforcement begins in Callowland.  

If any parking operation issues arise then the Parking Service can be contacted between 8.45am to 5.15pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8.45am to 4.45pm on Friday on 01923 278890 or via

What about Covid-19 and national restrictions, does this impact parking in a CPZ and what we pay?

When we have gone into national restrictions during 2020 (currently we are national lockdown), enforcement of all CPZ zones - other than yellow lines on main roads and bus routes and those protecting junctions, in order to ensure access, particularly for larger and emergency vehicles - is suspended. This will be the case for the Callowland CPZ when it is implemented on 11 January 2021.

Whilst enforcement is suspended, the council has agreed the following across all CPZ zones in the town:

  • Permit holders do not need to book vouchers for their visitors
  • Permit holders will be provided an extension on their existing resident permit to compensate for the reduced enforcement

The owner of the industrial estate in Acme Road has closed the gates to the industrial estate, which residents have used for turning in the past – can the council do anything about this?

The industrial estate is private land and the council cannot, therefore order the owner to open the gates to allow residents to use the private land as a turning circle. 

Watford Borough Council is not the Highways Agency for the town, this responsibility lies with Hertfordshire County Council so any discussions regarding changes to the current road layout need to be raised with the county who have the authority to make changes.

The best contact for raising this issue is:

Parking Permit Questions

When a permit scheme is introduced how many resident permits can be purchased?

Our current schemes allow two permits to be purchased per household, one per person.

How much do resident’s permits cost?

Our current schemes charges are:

  • 1st permit to the household £25
  • 2nd permit to the household £55

How would I apply for a resident permit?

Residents make an application online through the council’s website:

What is the qualifying criteria for a resident permit?

Residents are required to provide a document that confirms they are a permanent resident of the household (if the resident is on the current list of electors no residency document is required) and one document to confirm that the vehicle is registered to them at the address.

What happens if I have a visitor during the restricted hours?

Each household is able to apply for a virtual voucher permit account which will enable them to buy parking sessions to authorise their visitors to park in a permit bay during the restricted hours.

How do I apply for a virtual voucher account to purchase parking sessions?

Residents can apply online for an account through the council’s website:

How can I apply for a permit / voucher account if I do not have computer access?

If you are unable to use a computer or smart phone or don’t have access to either of these, you can call the Parking Service on 01923 278890. The service can discuss different ways you can set up account – for many people this can be done over the phone.

The Town Hall is currently closed as part of the response to Covid-19 restrictions but appointments are available if there is no alternative. If you think you need an appointment, you can discuss this with the Parking Service team but they should be able to help you without having to come into the Town Hall in person.

How can I book a visitor session if I do not have a computer?

Once a voucher account has been set up for a resident they do not need to use a computer as they can book parking using a landline number or mobile number.

How are visitor vouchers allocated

Each household is able to purchase a set number of visitor vouchers each year (275 hours).  This includes:  200 one hour vouchers, 8 one day voucher and 1 one week permit. To be fair to all residents, and in line with other CPZs in Watford, it is not possible to buy more than this number of hours. Senior citizens are entitled to twice this allocation.

What are the charges for visitor parking sessions?

  • 11p per hour
  • 90 per 1 day voucher
  • £4.50 for a one week permit

Senior citizens are given a 50% discount on the above standard charges for vouchers.

How do I accommodate carers that visit during the hours of a parking scheme?

Care organisations are provided with Doctor Health Visitor permits specifically to assist their employees with visits to clients that live within the Controlled Parking Zones. Households also have the option to book parking sessions for carers and can allow others to access their account with their permission.

Where can I find further information on existing permit schemes?

Information is on the council’s website on the following home page:

I have a blue badge (disabled badge holder) can I park in a designated permit bay/area during the restricted times?

No, only vehicles holding a valid resident permit or visitor parking session are able to park in a designated permit parking bay during the hours of the CPZ zone.

I am a blue badge holder (disabled badge holder) can I apply for a resident permit?

If you are a resident within the zone and a driver you can apply for a resident permit. If you supply confirmation that you hold a valid blue badge (disabled badge), along with proof of residency and vehicle ownership, the permit will be issued free of charge.

What do I do if a motorist parks across my driveway during the parking zone hours?

Contact the Parking Service on 01923 278890 with the details. If the motorist is a permit holder we will contact them. If the vehicle does not hold a valid permit or voucher session we will arrange for a Penalty Charge Notice to be issued. We cannot remove the vehicle in this instance.

What do I do if a vehicle appears to have been abandoned?

Report the vehicle to the council either through the council website ( via the abandoned vehicle page or by calling 01923 226400. Environmental Protection will investigate the matter and in the event the vehicle does not have a valid MOT or Tax, further action will be taken.

How does the council control the number of permits? If every house asks for two, but the council knows there are only limited spaces, will the council cap the number sold?

The council will not cap the number of permits, the current policy of two permits per household was adopted following a review of on street parking spaces in Watford when the council first introduced CPZs. The council’s CPZs generally operate till 6.30pm, taking into account the number of people likely to be at work, on holidays or out and about between 8am and 6.30pm, there is a high possibility that the road will not be 100% occupied by permit holders during hours of restriction.

We will continue to exclude new developments from our controlled parking zones to help maintain the level of demand for on-street parking spaces.

I have a company vehicle, can I still purchase a resident permit?

Yes, if a letter from the company is supplied confirming that the vehicle is issued to the applicant and the vehicle is held at the applicant’s address, along with the permit application and proof of residency.  The number of permits per household remains at two (the company vehicle is not in addition to this allocation).

What will happen to residents who own more than two cars?

For the CPZ to have a positive effect we can’t offer more than two permits to each household – in most cases there is only room for one car outside each house. Therefore households with three vehicles or more will have to make alternative arrangements for their additional vehicles. This can include renting garage space or finding someone willing to rent a parking space on their property; there are various online schemes to do this.

Can businesses apply for a permit to park within the parking bay during the restricted hours?

Yes, businesses can apply for one business permit per business to use on two operational vehicles. This is only applicable to operational vehicles, not vehicles which allow employees to commute to work.

How much would a business permit cost?

A business permit for the Callowland CPZ is £150.

How would a business qualify for a business permit?

The business will need to be at an address that is included within the zone and provide documentation to confirm that the business pays business rates along with documents to confirm that the vehicles are registered to the business.

The business must have no off street parking facilities/parking space within their business premises.

The vehicles designated to the permit must be operational vehicles.

How much is a dispensation for a tradesperson or someone working on my property?

£10 per day. Trades people and people working on your property will have to apply for a dispensation permit if they need to park during CPZ hours.

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