Visitor parking vouchers Watford

Visitor parking voucher information

If you live in a controlled parking zone, you'll need to get a visitor parking voucher for a guest to park. 

To do this, you can simply get a visitor parking voucher online or through the Ringo app

We don't issue the paper visitor vouchers anymore, but if you still have some you can continue to use them.

Controlled parking zone (CPZ) information

You only need to use a visitor parking permit if you live in a controlled parking zone.

Search an online map to see if you're in a CPZ

You'll find information about:

  • annual voucher allocation for the zone
  • number of permits per household
  • times the parking zone is operational

How to get a visitor parking voucher

If you live in a parking zone you can apply for visitor vouchers.

You can only have one permit account per household.

Register online

To purchase vouchers you must register online on the Ringo website.  You only need to do this once. 

After you can buy vouchers quickly and easily when someone visits. 

RINGO register online

If you can't find your address, your property may be exempt from visitor vouchers. Find out by phoning 01923 278890. 

Buy vouchers online

If you've registered online with the Ringo website, you can buy visitor vouchers online at any time.

Buy visitor vouchers online

Get Ringo on your phone

You can also get the Ringo app on your phone, so you can get vouchers quickly and easily any time you need them. 

Resident visitor permit costs



Per hour


Per day


Per week


Senior citizen accounts get a 50% discount on visitor vouchers.

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