Disabled parking in Watford

Disabled parking bays

A disabled parking bay shows drivers that a parking space is intended for Blue Badge users. 

Eligibility for a disabled parking space

You can apply for a disabled parking bay near your home if you:

  • a resident of Watford for at least 6 months of the year/ or is it for your main residence
  • a blue badge holder
  • receiving Disability Living/Attendance Allowance (mobility component at the higher rate), or PIP Personal Independent Payment at the higher rate
  • the vehicle owner registered at the address
  • unable to park in a driveway, garage or any other off-street parking

How to apply

Apply for disable parking bay

There is no cost to apply for a disabled parking bay. 

Situations when a disabled parking bay is not possible

It may not be possible to create a disabled parking bay when:

  • existing yellow line parking restrictions are in place
  • it would cause an obstruction or issues with road safety
  • neighbours' objections are upheld by the council
  • the area already has a large number of bays already and another bay would severely restrict parking for other residents

Parking in a disabled parking bay

Disabled parking bays are advisory only. They show the space is intended for Blue Badge holders - but it's not the law, anyone could park there.

All Blue Badge holders can use the disabled parking bay, not just the person who requested it. 

If the disabled bay is in a controlled parking zone, you will still need a resident or visitor parking permit.

If a disabled bay is faded or needs removing

If the bay needs maintenance or you don't need it anymore, please contact us today. 

Remove or maintain a disabled bay

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