Paying penalty charge notices

Challenge your penalty charge notice (PCN)

Information if you've received a penalty charge notice (PCN) in Watford and you want to challenge it.

Learn more about the appeal process on the Parking Penalty Tribunal website

How to see the evidence of your penalty charge notice

You can look at the evidence of your infringement here:

See your PCN evidence online

If the evidence is clear, then you can save time by paying today. 

Pay your PCN online now

If you still disagree with your parking fine, you can challenge the decision online.

Stage 1: Make an informal challenge

When you get your PCN, you can make an informal challenge online or by post within 28 days, or before you receive a notice to owner letter.

Make an informal challenge online

Important: you cannot challenge a PCN you've already paid. 

Information you need to give:

  • penalty charge notice number
  • full name and postal address
  • vehicle registration number
  • reasons why you believe you are not liable to pay the penalty

If your appeal is successful they'll be nothing to pay.

If unsuccessful you'll be given a further 14 days to pay at the discounted amount. After that you'll have 14 days to pay the full amount.

Pay your PCN online

Stage 2: Make a formal representation

If after you've received your notice to owner letter and you still wish to challenge your PCN, you can make what's called a formal representation.

You can do this within 28 days of your letter.

If your review is successful, you'll not have to pay your PCN

If your review is rejected, you'll be given 28 more days to pay your PCN

Stage 3: Appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal

If your review appeal is refused you'll receive a letter called rejection of representations, and you'll be given 28 more days to pay your PCN.

If at this stage you still feel your penalty charge notice is wrong, you can ask the Traffic Tribunal to independently review your appeal.

You need to do this within 28 days of receiving your rejection of representation letter.

Appeal on the Traffic Tribunal website

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