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Challenge a parking fine

COVID-19 Update: Following the Government’s decision to reduce the lockdown measures, the Parking Service as of 18 May 2020 will resume reviewing correspondence submitted by motorists in relation to the issuing of a Penalty Charge Notice. All motorists that have submitted correspondence during the hold period will be written to.

The Penalty Charge Notice challenge process is as follows:

Step 1 - Informal challenge

If you disagree with your parking ticket you can make an informal challenge online or by post. Penalties can’t be challenged over the phone.

If making a challenge by post, please quote the Penalty Charge Notice number and give your full postal address. You should give a reason why you believe you are not liable to pay the penalty.

We will consider your appeal and aim to let you know the outcome in writing within 14 days. If successful, you will not have to pay the charge.

If your informal challenge is unsuccessful you’ll  be given a further 14 days to pay at the discounted rate. If payment isn’t made within 14 days, or, if you wish to pursue the matter further formal appeals process, you will lose the opportunity to pay at the discount rate.

Don’t pay the penalty if you wish to proceed to stage 2. If you decide to pay the penalty at the discount rate of £25 or £35, you’ll not be able to challenge or appeal the penalty further.

Step 2 - Make representations to the Council

If your informal challenge is unsuccessful and you don’t pay the penalty charge, you (or the registered keeper of the vehicle, if different) will receive a Notice to Owner giving you 28 days to pay the full penalty charge or the opportunity to make formal representations to the Council.

You can make a formal representation online or in writing using the Representations Forms with the Notice to Owner.

We will then investigate and carefully consider your representation. If we find in your favour, you’ll be informed and the Penalty Charge Notice and Notice to Owner will be cancelled.

Don’t ignore your Notice to Owner – this is your last chance to make representations and appeal.

Step 3 - Appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal

If we don’t find in your favour you will receive a formal Notice of Rejection. This includes guidance to making an appeal to the independent Traffic Penalty Tribunal for consideration.

You can only appeal to the Adjudicator after you have received a formal Notice of.

The decision of the Adjudicator is binding on both you and the council.

By law the Adjudicator can only consider appeals on the grounds 1- 8 listed in the Notice to Owner document.

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