Rent Car parking spaces and garages

Car parking spaces and garages to rent in Watford (residential)

There are a limited number of garages and car parking spaces to rent across the borough. Due to their popularity, there are waiting lists for all compounds, some of which are currently closed.

The typical size of a garage is 15' x 8.3' or 4.57m x 2.5m. Larger cars may need a greater turning point, so location of a garage within each compound may need to be checked.

Garage and parking bay locations

Criteria to qualify for a garage or a parking space

The letting of the garages and parking bays is for residents who live within a half mile radius of the compound location. We will check each year to confirm that residents still live in the area and are still eligible for the garage or parking bay.

Garages are for parking a regularly used car/motorbike, they are not to be used for storage nor for commercial vehicles. Garages are inspected regularly.

Appropriate evidence would need to be provided before the issuing of a Licence - Vehicle Registraion Document, Driving Licence and Utility Bill.

Current availability of garages and parking bays


The waiting lists for our Field End Close, Lower Paddock Road and St. Albans Road compounds are currently open.

Parking spaces:

The waiting list for all our compounds is closed at present with no availability.

If you are already on a waiting list, we will contact you when one becomes available.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for a parking space or garage, please email our team. Alternatively, give us a call on 01923 278226.


The Property Team are reviewing the rental prices of our garages and parking spaces, so please email or give us a call to check the rental cost.

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