Parking Zones

Match day parking and enforcement

Zones F, J, K, M/N, S and T are subject to additional parking restrictions on days when Watford Football clubs first team are playing matches at Vicarage Road Stadium.

In addition to the usual restrictions (between 8:00am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday), on match days the following parking restrictions will apply:

  • up to 10:00pm for weekday evening matches
  • between 1:00pm and 6:30pm for Sunday matches
  • between 8:00am to 6:30pm on Bank Holiday matches  

Match dates are displayed on the entrance signs of areas with details of the additional match day restrictions.

The next match dates are:

  • Saturday, 1st February 2020, Kick Off, 3pm
  • Saturday, 29th February, Kick Off, 3pm.

Fixtures may be changed by TV companies, the council has no control over these changes.

Call the Match day hotline – 0800 0121753.

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