Parking for tradespeople

Dispensations and suspensions

COVID-19 UPDATE - Drivers in Watford are being given advanced notice that parking enforcement albeit with slightly different enforced hours is resuming in Controlled Parking Zones from the 15 June. For more information, visit

Apply for a parking dispensation

If you are having work or carrying out works within a controlled parking zone and need parking for tradespeople or for an area of the road to be kept clear of vehicles so works can take place, you can apply for a parking dispensation or suspension.

Parking Dispensation

If you live in a controlled parking zone or have parking restrictions outside of your home or business and are having building work carried out, you can apply for a temporary parking dispensation so your tradesmen can park, in an agreed location, close to your property.

If you are moving home, you may not need a dispensation if vehicles are being used to continuously load and unload and there are no loading restriction in place at the location (indicated by yellow chevrons on the kerbside).

How to apply:

Residents or businesses in a Controlled parking Zone will need to apply for a dispensation through their online permit account.

Residents or businesses outside of a Controlled Parking Zone will need to apply for a dispensation through online through a non-resident account.

You will need the following information to hand:

  • Your contact details
  • Email address
  • The reason for the dispensation
  • The dates and times you need the dispensation for
  • The location you wish the dispensation to apply to
  • Credit or debit card to set up payment details

Dispensations will be processed in 3 working days.


£20 per vehicle per day for a maximum of three weeks.

This payment is non- refundable even if the dispensation is no longer required for the period of time given on application.

A new application must be submitted and fee paid for each new vehicle or period of time.

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