Business permits

Business parking permits

COVID-19 UPDATE - Drivers in Watford are being given advanced notice that parking enforcement albeit with slightly different enforced hours is resuming in Controlled Parking Zones from the 15 June. For more information, visit

You can apply for a business parking permit if

  • The business is located in a Controlled Parking Zone (except zone H, where businesses are not eligible for business permits)
  • There is no space to park operational vehicles within the grounds of the business premises 
  • Operational vehicle(s) are registered to the business
  • The business is registered for business rates in Watford
  • The vehicle is no longer than 6 metres in length or 2.3 metres in height

Operational vehicles are those that are used for business purposes on an intermittent daily basis. Vehicles that are used for getting to work do not qualify as operational vehicles.

How many permits can I have?

Only one permit per business is permitted but you can register up to two vehicles on the permit. However, only one vehicle can use the permit at a time.

How to apply

Apply by using our online permit system to submit a business permit application. The application will be reviewed within 5 working days.

When applying you will need to provide the following information:

  • Business rate demand or payment receipt
  • Accompanying documentary evidence confirming the need for a vehicle for the business
  • Registration document for vehicle (V5) in the name of the business
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