Visitor vouchers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is a virtual visitor voucher?

Q2) Why are the Council introducing virtual visitor vouchers?

Q3) Do I need a computer to use this service?

Q4) Can I use this service if I do not have a bank card?

Q5) Can vouchers be purchased by multiple residents of a household?

Q6) Can I still use my paper visitor vouchers?

Q7)Has my annual visitor voucher allowance changed?

Q8) I have entered my visitor’s vehicle registration incorrectly, can I change it?

Q9) How do I set up an account to use this service?

Q10) Can I just continue to purchase paper voucher books instead?

Q11) Can I use this service if I don’t have a mobile/smartphone?

Q12) What if English is not my first language?

Q13) How will I know if vehicles in my road have a valid visitor voucher?

Q14) Will my visitors receive penalties if the system is inaccessible for any reason?

Q15) Why can I only purchase vouchers in hourly periods?

Q16) What will the cost of virtual vouchers be?

Q17) Can I access this service if I do not have a computer or phone?

Q18) Is there a limit to the number of parking sessions I can book?

Q19) If I need assistance to set up my account do I need to visit the Town Hall?

Q20) Can someone else use my account to book a parking session?

Q21) How do I accommodate carers?

Q22) Can I book parking sessions for multiple visitors at the same time?

Q23) How will I know how many hours remain of the household allocation?

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