Visitor vouchers

Using your virtual visitor voucher account

Vouchers can be bought at any time and allocated to your visitor's vehicle either on arrival or in advance. Vouchers can be bought either online, via the mobile phone app or by phone 020 3046 0005.

Parking can be allocated to more than one vehicle at the same time should you need. Once you have registered a vehicle, the details are stored on the account meaning they don’t need to be re-entered for return visits.

You can allow other members of your household or third parties to purchase vouchers from your account by linking their telephone number to your account.

You can opt to receive reminder texts for their visitor's parking sessions (charges apply), to help avoid your visitors receiving a parking ticket for overstaying.

You can also monitor how many hours you’ve used at any time, by logging into your account.

The service is accessible using Google translate for those who need translation of the system into another language.

If you enter your visitor’s vehicle registration incorrectly, the vehicle registration can be changed up to 15 minutes after payment has been made for the session.

Should the system be inaccessible for any reason, Civil Enforcement Officers are notified and will not issue parking fines during this time.

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