Resident Parking Permits

Apply for parking permits

COVID-19 UPDATE - Drivers in Watford are being given advanced notice that parking enforcement albeit with slightly different enforced hours is resuming in Controlled Parking Zones from the 15 June. For more information, visit

You may need to apply for a parking permit if:

Watford operates a virtual permit scheme. The first time you use this system you will need to set up an account, you will need an email address to do this. Please note: as your permit account will be linked to your email address, you can’t open more than one parking permit account with the same email address.

Exempted properties

Not all properties in a Controlled Parking Zone are entitled to parking permits.

Usually, new developments or house conversions within a parking zone, especially where parking is already limited, will be exempted from the scheme. This means that residents of these properties, won’t be able to buy resident parking permits or visitor vouchers. Or the number of permits or vouchers is limited.

It is the responsibility of the developer/landlord to inform new residents of their restricted or removed permit eligibility. Residents can still contact the Parking Service to verify their status.

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