Changing Places facilities in Cassiobury Park

What are Changing Places facilities?

Standard accessible toilets and changing facilities do not meet the needs of all people with a disability.

People with profound and multiple learning disabilities, as well people with other physical disabilities such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis often need extra equipment and space to allow them to use the toilets and changing facilities safely and comfortably. These needs are met by Changing Places facilities.

Changing Places in Cassiobury Park

Changing Places in Cassiobury Park

Our Changing Places facilities at the Cassiobury Park Hub and paddling pools (pictured above) provide:

  • A safe, large space of approximately 20m2
  • Height adjustable changing bench that is adult sized
  • Hoist – ceiling system
  • Peninsular toilet
  • Shower
  • Height adjustable washbasin
  • Emergency alarm
  • Privacy screen/curtain
  • Tear-off paper roll and a large bin for pads

Where are the Changing Places facilities?

Our Changing Places facilities are on the lower floor of the hub building, next to the pools area below the Daisy’s café. Follow the Changing Spaces symbol (below). The room is on the left hand side when you enter the lower building.

Changing Places

How to access Changing Places facilities:

Our Changing Places facilities can be accessed using a key from pools staff, Daisy’s Café and kiosk, and the parks management office. For more information ring Cassiobury Park Hub on 01923 727071 (Monday-Friday).

Accessible play in Watford

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