Oxhey Park

History - Oxhey Park

One Saturday afternoon in January 1919 the Council's Estates Committee met at 3pm on Wiggenhall bridge to view the estate.

By May 1919 the price of £14000 had been provisionally agreed with the owners.

Long drawn out negotiations followed because to buy it the council had to have a loan sanctioned by the Ministry of Health. The actual conveyance document, with its map, is dated 26 April 1920.

Gradually over the next four years the necessary decisions were made on land allocation, the finance was sorted, and the groundwork put in hand.

Once the areas set aside for housing and allotment had been agreed, the use of what remained for pleasure grounds and recreation could be planned.

In January 1924 the Estates Committee of what was by now Watford Borough Council could recommend that the 'newly allocated public park be named and known as Oxhey Park'.

In September 1924 major improvements to Wiggenhall Road and the bridge were approved and the construction of a new road incorporating Deacon's Hill.

The Deacon's Hill road would take a portion of the park and destroy some trees. Replacements were to be planted 'along the new border with the road'.

These probably include the three lime trees still edging the park on that side.

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