Planning design guidance

Watford Borough Council expects developers to follow current best practice when designing new buildings and delivering new development.

The links below relate to a range of design guides produced at local, county and national level:

Urban Design & Conservation Strategy
This document summarises the overall strategy for delivering good urban design and enhancing heritage assets in the Borough.

Watford Character of Area Study
The study provides detailed analysis of the varied character areas that make up the borough of Watford.

Residential Design Guide
An amended version was adopted by Watford Borough Council in August 2016 as a Supplementary Planning Document. The amendment was required to bring the internal space standards in line line with the nationally described standard.  The changes were consulted on between 15th June and 15th July 2016 and approved on 23rd August 2016.  New residential development and extensions to existing properties are expected to comply with the Residential Design Guide. 

Shopfront Design Guide
This was adopted on 18 February 2013 as a Supplementary Planning Document.

Watford Town Centre Streetscape Design Guide
This was adopted on 8 July 2013 as a Supplementary Planning Document.

Building for Life
Building for Life is the national standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods.

The Building for Life criteria is used by the Council to score development proposals for design excellence.

Urban Design Compendium
The Urban Design Compendium provides two user-friendly guides to delivering new development with strong urban design principles.

It is a practical guide produced with input from the development sector.

Waymarking Strategy
This document provides information on the form of directional signage that will be allowed in the town centre.

Skyline - Watford's approach to taller buildings
This SPD approved by Cabinet on the 7th March 2016, sets out the Councils' approach for determining applications for taller buildings in Watford.

Waste and Recycling Bin Allocation, Storage and Collection Guidance 

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