Conservation areas/ listed buildings

Conservation Area Appraisal Reviews

Grove Mill and The Square Conservation Areas:

The two areas include historic networks of streets, lanes and fine open spaces, with many architecturally attractive buildings, including the impressive Dower House and Grove Mill in Grove Mill Lane Conservation Area and the architecturally significant Chapel, Vicarage Road Cemetery and the prominent and significant Red Lion Public House in The Square Conservation Area.

The Conservation Area designations and Character Appraisals are tools which help the council to prevent development that would not be in keeping with the character of the area and carry out projects that would enhance it.

Comments are requested about the changes proposed and also in addition any other factual information about the content of the appraisals would be helpful.

Comments on the documents can be emailed to: 

Alternatively, please address your comments to: Planning Policy, Room 65, Town Hall, Watford, WD17 3EX

 Grove Mill Conservation Area

Grove Mill CA Character Appraisal Draft November 2016

Grove Mill CA Schedule of Changes

 The Square Conservation Area

The Square CA Character Appraisal Draft November 2016

The Square CA Schedule of Changes



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