Planning policy

New Watford Local Plan

The new Watford Local Plan will guide new development to 2036. Preparation of the Plan will be undertaken in several stages when the public can comment and help shape Watford's future. The document will contain planning policies to inform planning decisions and help determine planning applications.

There are some key issues that will need to be considered as part of the new Local Plan such as housing, employment, infrastructure and transport.

It will be a single document and replace the following:

The new Local Plan will take about three years to complete. It will be prepared in several stages providing opportunties for the community to comment on draft documents to help shape Watford's future.

Issues and Options Sets out key issues and possible approaches to growth.
First Draft Local Plan Includes draft planning policies and potential sites for development.
Final Draft Local Plan Includes proposed planning policies and sites for potential development.
Submission The Final Draft of the new Local Plan is submitted for examination.
Examination The new Local Plan is examined by an independent Planning Inspector.
Planning Inspector's Report and Adoption Once adopted, the new Local Plan can then be used to make informed planning decisions and help determine planning applications.


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