Planning policy

Watford District Plan 2000

Some of the policies in the Watford District Plan have been replaced by the Core Strategy (adopted 2013).

The District Plan policies which still apply are set out below.

These need to be considered alongside policies in the Core Strategy and the Minerals and Waste Local Plans, which together make up the development plan.

SE7  Waste, storage, recovery and recycling in new development 
SE20  Air quality 
SE21  Air quality management areas 
SE22  Noise 
SE23  Light pollution 
SE24  Unstable and contaminated land 
SE25  Potentially Hazardous or polluting development 
SE26  Watercourses 
SE27  Flood prevention 
SE28  Groundwater quality 
SE36  Replacement trees and hedgerows 
SE37  Protection of trees, woodlands and hedgerows 
SE39  Tree and hedgerow provision in new development 
SE40  Landscape Character Area Assessment 
T10  Cycle parking standards 
T21  Access and servicing 
T22  Car parking standards 
T24  Residential development 
T26  Car free residential development 
H9  Back garden development 
H10  Planning agreements for educational and community facilities 
H13  Conversions 
H14  Conversions - provision of family sized units 
H15  Non residential properties in residential areas 
H16  Retention of affordable housing 
E1  Employment areas 
E2  Employment use outside identified employment areas 
E5  Environmental considerations 
S5  Non-retail uses in prime retail frontage 
S6  Non-retail uses within the Harlequin shopping centre 
S7  Secondary retail frontage 
S9  Non-retail uses in North Watford shopping centre/local shopping frontages 
S11  Use class A3 food and drink 
S12  Planning conditions for use class A3 food and drink 
L8  Open space provision in housing development 
L9  Children's play space 
CS3  Loss of community facilities 
CS6  Childcare facilities 
CS8  Change of use/redevelopment 
CS9  Health provision 
U15  Buildings of local interest 


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