Planning policy

Watford Local Plan

Existing Local Plan

The Local Plan sets out the vision for Watford and how new development will contribute towards achieving this. The Local Plan contains planning policies and guidance that are used to make planning decisions and determine planning applications.

Planning decisions are made in accordance with the following Local Plan documents:

The Council progressed work on the Local Plan Part 2 which contained potential development sites and detailed planning policies. The public were consulted on Local Plan Part 2 in the autumn of 2016. However, in October 2017 the Council decided not to progress this work. Instead, the Council will focus on preparing the emerging new Local Plan.

Emerging New Local Plan

The new Local Plan will guide new development to 2036. Preparation of the document will be undertaken in several stages where the public can comment and help shape Watford's future.

If you would like to receive updates about the new Local Plan, or alternatively currently receive updates but no longer wish to do so, please contact the Watford Planning Policy team: or 01923 278263.

Supplementary planning documents and other guidance

Supplementary planning documents provide greater detail about policies set out in the existing Local Plan and how these should be used to inform development proposals and planning decisions.  

Development briefs and other guidance documents

Conservation area character appraisals

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