Planning policy

Local plan

Current local plan policies

The development plan

Planning applications are decided in line with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Watford’s development plan is:

Emerging local plan policies

We are currently preparing the Local Plan 2006-2031 Part 2 - Development Management Policies and Site Allocations. Publication consultation of Local Plan Part 2 Site Allocations and Development Management policies ended on Monday 3 October 2016, together with consultation on a draft Watford Junction Development Brief and a Croxley View/Ascot Road Study. 

You can view all consultation documents, including the evidence base and accompanying reports via the Consultation Portal.

Alongside this we are also working on the evidence base for the next plan which will cover the period 2016-2036. 

Supplementary Planning Documents and other guidance

Supplementary planning documents (SPD) give more detail, expanding on policies in the plan. See all supplementary planning guidance.  

Draft Supplementary Planning (not yet adopted):

Development briefs and other guidance documents

Conservation Area Character Appraisals

Other draft guidance (not adopted):

Government Policy and Planning Guidance

We must also take account of government policy when preparing plans and considering planning applications. Download a copy of the National planning policy and guidance.


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