Community infrastructure levy in Watford

The community infrastructure levy (CIL) a planning charge for developers and landowners that supports the development of local infrastructure.

It's charged per square metre on new developments that include:

  • new dwellings of any size
  • any development where the internal area of a new building, extension or change of use exceeds 100 square metres

Find out more about community infrastructure levy on the GOV.UK website

See if you're liable for the community infrastructure levy

All the information you need to see if you're liable for the community infrastructure levy (CIL) is on the Planning Portal website

Exemptions and relief from CIL

Your project may be exempt from CIL under certain circumstances. 

Find out about CIL exemptions on the Planning Portal website

Download community infrastructure levy forms

All the CIL forms from 1 to 14 are available online. 

Download CIL forms online from the Planning Portal website

Calculate the costs of CIL

Type of development CIL rate
Residential  £120 per square metre
Hotel £120 per square metre
Specialist accommodations for the elderly
and/or disabled including sheltered and
retirement housing and nursing homes,
residential care homes and extra care
accommodation. (This does not include
registered, not for profit care
homes)(within use class C2 and C3)
£120 per square metre
Retail (Class A1 - A5) £120 per square metre
Retail - Within the primary shopping area
(Class A1 - A5)
£55 per square metre
Office  £0 per square metre
Industrial  £0 per square metre
Other uses  £0 per square metre
Major developed areas (MDAs) £0 per square metre

More information about the latest indexation rate can be found on the RICS website

The index is set by the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended). It's set on 1 January and is the index figure for 1 November of the preceding year.

The index figures that are used to calculate indexation for Watford's adopted Charging Schedule in 2020 are:


 Index figure

 2015 (the year the charging schedule took effect) (lc)


 2020 (the year in which planning permission was granted) (lp)


2021 (the year in which planning permission was granted) (lp)


Instalment information

You can pay your CIL in the following ways:


100% @60 days

£35,000.00- £99,999.99

25% @60 days

75% @120 days

Over £100,000

25% @60 days

50% @120 days

25% @360 days

Download Watford CIL guidance information

You can download all the information you need about Watford community infrastructure levy (PDF)

Appeal a decision

To appeal a CIL decision, you can find information on the GOV.UK website    

Infrastructure Funding Statement

New national planning regulations which came into force on 1st September 2019 stated that any local authority that receives a financial or non-financial contribution from development through Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) or section 106 planning obligations must prepare an Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) by the 31st December 2020 and annually thereafter.

This first report covers the period from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 and reports on all developer contribution receipts and expenditure during the financial period.

The infrastructure funding statement 2019-20 for Watford Borough Council can be found below:
Watford Borough Council Infrastructure Funding Statement Report 2019/20

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