Apply for planning permission Watford

Checklist before you apply for planning permission

Before you apply for planning permission in Watford, you need to check what permission you need - and see if there are any conditions specific to your property. 

Check if you need planning permission

Before you start, you can check if your work needs planning permission on the Planning Portal website.

See if you need planning permission

Permitted development

Certain common home improvement projects don't need planning permissions. 

This is called permitted development.

You can find a complete guide to permitted developments on the Planning Portal website

If your project is permitted development:

Conservation areas and listed buildings

If you live in a conservation area or the property is a listed building, you may need to apply for planning permission - even if it's permitted development.

Find if your property is in a conservation area or is listed 

Article 4 directions

An Article 4 direction means that normal permitted development rights have been removed from a building or area.

You may need to apply for planning permission if an Article 4 direction is applied to a property

Find if a property has an Article 4 direction

Get professional advice

You can save time and get planning application support with professional advice from Watford Borough Council

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