Get planning advice

Advice for homeowners, small developments

If you're a homeowner planning an extension or small home improvement project, you can get support and advice from a planning professional. 

This expertise can save you time and could improve your chances of getting planning permission.

If your proposal would result in the creation of an additional dwelling, please refer to the guidance and application form for larger developments.

Who can get pre-application advice

You can use the service if you're:

  • a homeowner doing any work on your property
  • planning a small development of less than 100 square metres of commercial space

Get pre-application planning advice 

There is a small charge for the service, but you'll get expert advice and know the possibility of successfully getting planning permission.

Professional planning advice

When you apply for advice, you'll get thorough research that includes:

  • a detailed report that identifies any issues likely to affect your proposal
  • advice on planning policies
  • information to support a formal application
  • advice on the possible outcome of any formal application


You'll receive your planning report within 4 weeks of your application


The cost of pre-application advice is £100 for each of these services:

  • householder proposals 
  • proposals of less than 100 square metres commercial floor space
  • listed building consent
  • advert consent

Apply online for pre-application advice

You can apply quickly and easily for planning advice online.

Get pre-application planning advice 

It only takes a few minutes to apply, and you'll get the answers you need and save time. 

The advice is based on professional judgment and does not constitute a formal response or decision.

It gives a possible outcome of a formal application and no guarantees can be given about the decision that will be made.

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