Commercial street trading

Street trading renewals

You must ensure that your street trading consent is renewed before it expires in order to continue trading. If your consent expires, you must stop trading until your consent is renewed.

It is suggested that you apply at least six weeks before your consent expires. This is to allow adequate time for all of your checks to be completed, for the 28 day consultation period to be completed, and for the licensing authority to make a decision on your application.

You will not lose time from your consent if you renew earlier. Your new consent will start from the expiry date of your existing consent.

The application process to renew a consent is exactly the same as applying for a new consent.

Applicants must be 17 or older. Applications must be submitted with:

  • the relevant application form
  • proof of public liability insurance (£5m cover)
  • food hygiene certificate (if selling food)
  • proof of registration as a food business (if selling food)
  • two photographs
  • health and safety policy (if it is a company with five or more employees)
  • fee

You can apply to renew your street trading consent online.

Applications will be refused if the location is:

  • unsafe
  • likely to cause a nuisance
  • obstructs the highway
  • competing with existing traders
  • a prohibited street

Consent is also refused if the activity is not suitable for a Big Event (where applicable), the applicant has breached a previous consent, or has convictions for street trading offences or other offences of concern.

Consents last for up to one year.

Applications take at least 35 days to process, including a 28 day consultation.

It is in the public interest that we process your application before it can be granted. You can't trade without permission.

  • The renewal fee is £473
  • A consent to trade during a Big Event costs £21.50 per day

Although there is no formal right of appeal against a refusal of an application, we will consider requests to review our decision

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