Operator licensing

Operator licence renewals

You must ensure that your private hire operator's licence is renewed before your licence expires in order to continue taking bookings. If your licence expires, you will not be able to accept any bookings, or pass any jobs to drivers, until your licence is renewed.

You must apply at least 28 days before your licence expires.

Licences are issued for five years.

Applicants must provide

  • a completed application form
  • the fee
  • a basic criminal record disclosure for each person, partner, or company director (including company secretary)
  • proof of public liability insurance for at least £5million (only if providing a waiting room)
  • the firm’s complaints procedure (only if this has changed since the last renewal or since the licence was first granted)
  • the firm’s disability policy (only if this has changed since the last renewal or since the licence was first granted)
  • artwork for the company’s door signs (only if this has changed since the last renewal or since the licence was first granted)
  • proof of right to work

The council has a duty to ensure that only those persons who are entitled to work in the UK are issued a licence to act as an operator. For this reason all applicants must provide evidence to show that they are entitled to work in the UK, and that there are no restrictions on the work that you can do. You must produce your original proof of your right to work in person to a licensing officer. You will need to contact the licensing team to fix up an appointment to do this.

The Home Office have published guidance on conducting immigration checks for taxi licensing, which also includes details of what documents can be accepted to prove your immigration status,

If you are on a time limited visa, any licence which may be issued will expire when your visa expires. If, at any time, your entitlement to work in the UK is removed, your licence will be revoked.

Your renewal application will not be valid unless all of these documents are submitted.

You can apply for a basic criminal records disclosure online through www.gov.uk. Each disclosure must be no more than one month old when the application is submitted. Any disclosure more than one month old can't be accepted, and a new disclosure will need to be obtained.

We will arrange to visit and inspect your premises, even if you do not have any public waiting rooms.

All licences will be granted with our standard conditions.


After receiving your application, there will be a 28 day consultation period. We will inform you of the decision within 5 working days of the end of this period.

Tacit consent

Tacit consent does not apply. We must grant your application before you can start operating.


The renewal fee is £769.

If the licence is lost or damaged, a replacement licence costs £17.75.

Please note that we can only accept payment by credit card or debit card.

How to appeal

You have a right to appeal to the magistrates' court if your application is refused. Appeals must be submitted to the court in writing within 21 days of being notified of the decision.

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