Driver licensing

Licences for taxi drivers

Any person who wants to drive a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle must be licensed.

We can issue either a private hire only licence, or a dual hackney carriage and private hire licence.

Licences last for three years.


Applicants must:

  • be at least 21
  • have held a full UK or EEA driving licence for at least two years
  • pass a practical driving assessment through one of the council's approved test providers
  • pass the council's knowledge test
  • take a medical with their GP.

Practical driving test

A pass certificate for a driving assessment is valid for one year. Applicants will need to book their own driving assessment with one of the following approved providers:

Knowledge test and driver training

The knowledge test is booked through the Licensing team. A pass on the test is valid for six months.

You will need to study our driver's handbook to help prepare for the test.

Please view our separate page on the knowledge test and training day for further details.


You will need to book your medical with your GP. Take along the medical form to your appointment for your GP to complete. A medical is valid for six months.

Booking an appointment

After you have completed the above you can book an appointment to apply in person.

Documents to bring

You will need to supply your completed application form and DVLA mandate form, medical and practical driving test certificate.

You must also bring three forms of identification with you for a criminal records check. A driving licence, passport, and a utility bill or bank statement (less than three months old) are acceptable. Further information on what documents are acceptable for the criminal records check can be found on the application form, and also on the website for the Disclosure and Barring Service. If you can't provide at least three acceptable documents, please contact the licensing team.

The council has a duty to ensure that only those persons who are entitled to work in the UK are issued a licence to drive a licensed vehicle. For this reason all applicants must provide evidence to show that they are entitled to work in the UK, and that there are no restrictions on the work that you can do. You must produce proof of your right to work during your appointment.

The Home Office have published guidance on conducting immigration checks for taxi licensing, which also includes details of what documents can be accepted to prove your immigration status,

If you are on a time limited visa, any licence which may be issued will expire when your visa expires. If, at any time, your entitlement to work in the UK is removed, your licence will be revoked.


The criminal records check can take up to eight weeks. You can only start working once we have granted you a licence.

Licensee's responsibilities

Drivers are required to comply with the conditions of their licences. Hackney carriage drivers also need to comply with our hackney carriage byelaws.

If you change your name or address, you will need to submit a change of address form to the Licensing team. Please note that there is a fee of £7 to change your address. You can make payment after submitting your form by calling the licensing team on 01923 278476.

If you receive any conviction, caution or points on your DVLA Licence, you must report these to the council using our notifications of convictions form. You must do this within 28 days of the conviction or receiving the points. For further information, please view our guidelines for the grant, suspension and revocation of hackney carriage driver, private hire driver and operator licences.


  • Knowledge test: £99 for first attempt (a rate of £68.50 applies to resit the test with training, or £30.75 to resit the test only)
  • Licence: £329
  • Criminal records check: £52
  • Replacement licence: £17.75
  • Change of address: £7

Please note that we can only accept payment by credit card or debit card.


You have a right to appeal to the magistrates' court if your application is refused, or to appeal against any conditions being attached to a licence. Appeals must be submitted to the court in writing within 21 days of being notified of the decision.

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