Vehicle licensing

Vehicle licence renewals

You must ensure that your vehicle licence is renewed before your licence expires in order to continue working. If your licence expires, you must stop working until your licence is renewed.

You must book an appointment with the licensing team to renew your licence. You will need to bring your logbook (V5), vehicle insurance, and MOT to your appointment.

All vehicles must pass an MOT no more than 30 days before the appointment to renew the licence. You can book your MOT with any garage.

It is recommended that you do not book your renewal appointment for the day when your licence expires, just in case your vehicle fails the renewal inspection.

Your licence expiry is tied to your MOT expiry. As you can renew your MOT 30 days before it expires, you could apply to renew your licence up to 30 days before your licence expires and not lose any time from your licence.

If you would like a reminder of the council’s standards, then please see our two short films on our vehicle licensing page.


Appointments are for one hour.

If you pass, you are issued with your plate and licence during your appointment. Any vehicle which does not pass gets up to 10 working days to be retested before the licence is refused.

Licensee's responsibilities

Vehicle owners must comply with their conditions and hackney carriage owners must also comply with the byelaws.

Any accident must be reported within 72 hours on our accident report form.

If you change your address you must notify the licensing team using our change of address form. Please note that there is a fee of £7 to change your address. Please contact the licensing team on 01923 278476 after submitting your form in order to make payment.

If you lose your licence or your plate contact the licensing team for replacement. Please note that there is a fee for issuing a replacement licence or plate.

If you are buying a licensed vehicle you must apply to transfer the licence into your name - please note that there are different forms depending upon whether the vehicle you are buying is a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle.


  • The renewal fee is £225 (£112.50 for electric vehicles)
  • A plate bracket costs £21
  • A replacement plate costs £21
  • A replacement licence costs £17.75
  • The fee for transferring a vehicle is £17.50
  • Change of address costs £7
  • A pair of door signs costs £10.50 (for vinyl stickers) or £19.50 (for magnetic signs)

Please note that we can only accept payment by credit card or debit card.

How to appeal

You have a right to appeal the decision of the council to refuse a licence or to attach conditions to a licence.

Appeals must be made to the magistrates' court within 21 days of being notified of the decision, but an appeal against the refusal of a hackney carriage licence is made to the Crown Court.

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