Handing out leaflets

Leaflet renewals

You must ensure that your leaflet consent is renewed before your consent expires in order to continue distributing leaflets. If your consent expires, you must stop handing out leaflets until your consent is renewed.

The renewal process is the same as the application for a new consent. Apply online with the relevant fee and and submit samples of all of the material that you want to hand out.

It is recommended that you apply 1 month before your consent expires, to allow good time to process your renewal and resolve any potential issues.

We could refuse/revoke permission if:

  • we think that your activity will result in more litter
  • you have been convicted of distributing unlawfully
  • you have previously breached the conditions of a leaflet consent

We aim to issue consents within 10 working days. If you don't hear from us after 10 working days, then you can take it that you have permission to hand out leaflets.


The cost for renewing the consent are the same as the costs for a new consent, and depends upon:

  • how many people you want to distribute leaflets
  • the time of day you hand them out

One distributor: £51.25
Each additional distributor: £30.75 each (up to six)

If you are requesting distribution at any time between 5pm and 9am, then there is an additional fee of £20.50 per person (so one distributor would be £71.75, and each additional distributor would be £51.25 each).

Replacement badges in the event of loss or theft will be charged at £16.50 per badge.

How to appeal

You may appeal to the magistrates' court if we refuse to grant consent, impose any limitation or condition on the consent, or revoke consent.

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