Licensing houses in multiple occupation

Licensable HMOs

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) have three or more storeys and are occupied by:

  • five or more people
  • two or more households

You can apply for a new licence or to renew your existing licence.

If you have or would like to set up a licensable HMO, then you must apply to the council for a licence.licence lasts up to five years.

If you are unsure if your property needs a licence then please contact us.

If you want to check that an HMO is licensed, HMO Public Register will give a list of addresses that are licensed.

Operating a licensable HMO without a licence or breaching any conditions attached to a licence is a serious criminal offence that is punishable with unlimited fines at the magistrates’ court.


New Application Fee -  £1143

New Application Fee Registered Charities - £914

Renewal Fee - £951

Renewal Fee Registered Charities - £761


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