Alcohol and entertainment licensing

Changing a designated premises supervisor (DPS)

Any premises which is licensed to sell alcohol can only sell alcohol when there is a designated premises supervisor (DPS) named on the licence and associated with the premises, and that person holds a valid personal licence. If a DPS ceases to work at a premises or hold a valid personal licence, the licence holder must nominate a new DPS.

The licence holder must complete an application form.

The proposed new DPS must complete a consent form. The DPS must be eligible to reside and work in the UK.


Applications must be submitted with a completed DPS consent form, the original Premises Licence (or explanation as to why the original licence can't be returned - there is space on the form for this purpose), and the relevant fee.

You can apply online to change a DPS. Applications not submitted online must be copied to the Police and served on them at the same time as when the application is submitted to the licensing authority.

In all cases, the licence holder must also notify the outgoing DPS (unless there was no DPS named on the licence previously) that an application has been submitted, and must advise whether or not the application is to take effect immediately or upon another date.

Failure to submit the correct documentation with your application, to serve copies of your application to the Police (where the application is not submitted online), or the outgoing DPS, will result in a delay in processing your application while you validate your application, and your application may be rejected outright.


Only the Police may comment on an application to change a DPS. The consultation period is 14 days.

It is possible for a DPS application to take immediate effect, meaning that the new DPS is to treated as being named on the licence as soon as the application is served and is validated. You can also nominate a date for when the application is to take affect.

Your application will be granted if no objections were made during the consultation period.

If any objections are received, you will be notified of these objections. A hearing will be arranged within to consider any objections.


The fee to nominate a DPS is £23.


Unsuccessful applicants have a right to appeal to the magistrates' court if the application is refused. Objectors also have a right to appeal against a decision to grant an application. Any appeals must be submitted to the court in writing within 21 days of being notified of the decision.

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